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Downloads & Installers / NS1 Install (v3.2)
« on: August 01, 2016, 04:05:06 AM »
Download NS1 Installer 3.2

Before Installing NS:
1. Download & Install Steam:
2. Install Half-Life within Steam (may not need to do this step)

Run NS1 install and select path:
 "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life"   (will install over existing path or create new one)

Restart Steam

Go through NS_GUIDES thread on this forum for tips and bug fixes (like dark commander mode screen).

NS Guides / Commander Mouse Scrolling fix (after Feb14 HL update)
« on: March 01, 2013, 03:34:33 AM »
*edit* a NEW steam update seems to have fixed most of these issues.

m_rawinput 1
When in the commander mode allows me to scroll around.
m_rawinput 0
has to be set when outside commander mode.

You could probably bind these to a key for logging in/out of CC.

edit: read that someone else posted this too and said they had to opt-in to the HL beta. I am not opted into any beta and this fix works fine for me.


Server Information / <>NaturalNS |New York,USA|
« on: October 31, 2012, 03:55:02 PM »
<>NaturalNS        ip:

NS Guides / User Config Files
« on: September 09, 2012, 12:01:29 AM »
I will get around to adding my config files soon and hopefully others might add theirs too along with an explanation of how their setup works.

Server Information / Map List
« on: September 08, 2012, 11:58:49 PM »
These are available from the "votemap" option in your console. A lot of these will be in the mapvote rotation.

02) co_pulse (0/14) (0-24 players)
03) ns_eclipse (0/14) (0-26 players)
04) co_ulysses (0/14) (4-24 players)
05) ns_caged (0/14) (0-26 players)
06) ns_orbital_anslv2 (0/14) (0-26 players)
07) ns_checkers2 (0/14) (0-26 players)
08) co_umbra (0/14) (8-24 players)
09) co_kestrel (0/14) (8-24 players)
10) co_mvsm_dead_killbox (0/14) (0-24 players)
11) ns_eon (0/14) (0-26 players)
14) ns_mvm_origin (0/14) (0-26 players)
15) co_rineassult_b4 (0/14) (0-24 players)
16) ns_dig_siege_fnl (0/14) (0-26 players)
17) ns_lost (0/14) (0-26 players)
18) ns_hera (0/14) (0-24 players)
19) ns_nothing (0/14) (0-26 players)
20) co_airlock_b9 (0/14) (0-24 players)
21) ns_machina (0/14) (0-24 players)
22) ns_origin (0/14) (0-26 players)
23) ns_veil (0/14) (0-26 players)
24) co_core (0/14) (0-24 players)
26) co_spacefall_b12 (0/14) (0-24 players)
27) ns_altair (0/14) (0-26 players)
28) ns_mvm_veil (0/14) (0-26 players)
29) co_supermario (0/14) (0-24 players)
30) co_halo_b6 (0/14) (0-24 players)
31) co_daimos_beta5 (0/14) (0-24 players)
32) ns_ayumi (0/14) (0-26 players)
33) co_crossfire (0/14) (0-24 players)
34) co_faceoff (0/14) (0-24 players)
35) co_mvm_crossfire (0/14) (0-24 players)
36) ns_supersiege004d (0/14) (0-26 players)
37) co_sava (0/14) (6-24 players)
38) co_blackmesa_r5a (0/14) (0-24 players)
39) co_mvm_blackmesa_r5a (0/14) (0-24 players)
40) co_mvmmirror_b1a (0/14) (0-24 players)
41) ns_siege007_v2 (0/14) (0-26 players)
42) ns_nancy (0/14) (0-26 players)
43) ns_hamstersiege_rc2 (0/14) (0-26 players)
44) ns_shiva (0/14) (0-26 players)
45) ns_lucid (0/14) (0-26 players)
47) co_angst (0/14) (4-24 players)
48) co_mvm_silly_v5 (0/14) (0-24 players)
49) ns_siege005returns (0/14) (0-26 players)
50) co_warzone3_b6 (0/14) (0-24 players)
51) co_overmind (0/14) (0-2

Server Information / Reserved Slots
« on: August 31, 2012, 01:29:25 PM »
Currently the max slots on the server is 26. People can join up to 24 and then after that only reserved players can join. Reserved slots are for admins and supporting members. I may eventually add more slots to the server but they will likely be in the form of reserved slots.

Visit the Server Donations and Reserved Slot thread for more information:

Downloads & Installers / Marine vs. Marine Maps and Models
« on: August 25, 2012, 04:07:19 AM »

Donate to Server #1

Use the above link to make a contribution.

Reserved Slots will be given to anyone who supports the server.

Message me the NAME you used when donating and your SteamID.

***  The first several donators will get reserved slots no matter the amount. Eventually, if the reserved list gets too large we will switch to a renewal system.  ***


NS Guides / Using +movement to leap (skulk) or blink(fade) easier
« on: August 19, 2012, 02:23:03 PM »
You can blink much easier as a fade if you bind your right mouse button to blink while fading. Normally your right mouse is your popupmenu so you will also need to bind some other key to replace your popupmenu.

Type in your console:

bind "mouse2" +movement
bind "someOtherKey" +popupmenu  (I suggest the key "v")

When you are done fading you can rebind your mouse2 to +popupmenu.

NOTE1: +movement also works for Onos charge and I believe lerk primal scream
NOTE2: To be more fancy you can make these changes using custom config files similar to your config.cfg file. For example you can have a marine.cfg and alien.cfg file that are executed when you type a certain key in game. For example, you can bind "F1" "exec marine.cfg" and your marine config will be executed and whatever binds you have in there will then be in effect. (note: you just have to add the binds you want changed and not every bind from your normal config.cfg).

NS Guides / Commander Display Fix (dark menu/screen)
« on: August 19, 2012, 02:11:30 PM »
If your TAB menu or Commander Menu are very dark/black it is due to a bug related to 64bit operating systems and NS (NS was built in the time of 32bit system).

FIX: (type in your game console)
cl_gammaramp 0
gamma 3

Downloads & Installers / Custom Maps
« on: August 19, 2012, 02:02:47 PM »
ns_mineshaft (new minimap)

Downloading these here should be faster than waiting in game for them to download (edit...well we have fast downloads now, so in game is probably faster now).

Nine Legend's Custom NS Pack (LINK)

Replace your Sound files with the ones from this pack to reduce the amount of noise you hear from the maps.

Also, "stopsound" in your console can help with some noises.

Server Information / Admins
« on: August 15, 2012, 08:19:24 AM »
Steve (8dom8/splintersteve)
junktext (william)
Bohb Daishi

Introduce Yourself / DaG|Kamakazzee
« on: August 13, 2012, 09:12:10 PM »
Some of you also know me as DAGKAM.

DaG stands for "Doritos are Good". This was a tag a few friends of mine would use when we had Lan parties in high school. Somehow we always had Doritos when we played together...

I've played this game since it was in alpha testing. I think that was at least 12 years ago, so I have been playing since I was in middle school. I've seen a lot of changes to both the game itself and the community of players. I remember playing on Reaperville a long time ago. I helped admin that server a bit. I also played on Tactical Gamer(TG) for a long time. I played in several CAL-NS, UGL-NS, UGL-CO, ENSL-NS competitive teams. I helped my brother Jojoshua with the NS-GUIDES program to teach new players the game. I helped run the Penguin /O> clan which was a very successful competitive team. We also had a #2 team that allowed us to train up and coming competitive players.

Funny thing about NS: I have always enjoyed life sciences, but NS started exposing me to computers at an early age. When I went to college I majored in biochemistry but my exposure to computers from playing NS gave me the interest in doing something unique for a biologist. I switched into a computational biology and biophysics program for my PhD program. I don't think I would have felt comfortable doing this if not for being around computers so much while playing NS. So somehow NS has served as a practical learning tool for me.

I still have 2 years to finish my PhD, so I will be hit or miss with my availability. I hope to help get this server going a bit and give the NS community some positive directions to go toward.

Server Information / Installed Plugins
« on: August 13, 2012, 07:30:17 PM »
/wb add or remove (adds or removes alien bots)   
/stuck          (unstucks players)
/buildmenu  (structure building in combat)
/xmenu        (extra upgrades in combat)
+hook          (grappleweb for gorge during combat)
/givepool (donates res to hive pool for 3rd chamber)
/clear            (clears the screen of text)
/random        (vote to turn on random teams based on stats)
/givesres x    (used during siege maps to give gorges res)
/ntv               (enable flashlight to be used as NightVision)
/rules            (displays rules)
awards         (displays player awards at round end)
upgradetimer  (displays the researching upgrades with their ETA)
mapgrouper- using this to execute "amx_pausecfg vtp.amxx" (pauses plugin that casts buildmenu and xmenu votes on co maps) during NS maps and also regulate map voting behavior for mapvote.amxx and turns on/off other plugins as needed.
votethatplugin (using to cast a vote for /buildmenu /xmenu / or both of these (but it throws a empty vote on nsmaps... I fix this with amx_pausecfg and mapgrouper.txt)
idlekicker      installed with amxx ns pack
nightvision    (/ntv turns on nightvision for marines)
Rt counter    (displays the number of team resource towers)
latejoin xp    (late joining players are given points in combat)
co_alltalk on (alltalk is on during combat)
afk detector   (kicks after 22 players are on)
me_mapvote (custom mapvote at round end)
Connecting Players (displays connecting players)
combat_extender  (.60 vote ratio to extend 15 min)
hive/cc status  (shows health of hive or cc)
killer info       (gives name and hp of killer during combat)
spawn umbra (players spawn in umbra during combat)
combat_limiter (limits lifeforms and tech in combat)
icons               (allows custom icons for players)
worldicons     (shows world flags as icons)
commban        (manages commander bans)
classbocker    (during co maps you can't fade/jp till 6 players on server and 8 needed for onos)
gag                (mutes players)
laser mines     (old school laser mines ...prob for fun times only or combat maps!)
TeamKill Control (counts FF over short period and will slay player who is FF on purpose)
+adminvoice      (let's admins voice chat with each other)
amx_ip             (let's admins check ips)

Added bot waypoints for most of the CO and NS maps.

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