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Introduce Yourself / hey
« on: October 24, 2012, 10:02:34 PM »
Hey figured id introduce myself since im on your guys server on a regular basis my in game name is skatman. Just started getting back into the swing of things hadnt played the game in years but i used to play all the time back in the day think it was 1 or 2a... I played competitive cs quite a bit back then and still do. heard about this game on a cs server somebody i didnt know was talking about it. I downloaded it and been playing ever since. anyways figured id start playing again. always have sucked at the game but for some reason cant stop playing it. only game i can think of that i will play even though i do suck.... ahahaha. anyways seems to be a good server and worth my time and money. as for the mulla/school question i failed out of college and now i have 2 small businesses that are gold stores.

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