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NS Guides - compilation
« on: August 13, 2012, 07:25:59 PM »
I will begin compiling a list of good guides that I find on the web for the following categories. Feel free to recommend content. Also, If anyone wants to try writing some of the content please let me know. Eventually I would like to see this well presented and accessible to people joining the NS server.

NS Manual: (LINK) gives a good overview of NS.

Field Marine Guides:
1. Tactical Objectives (basic strategies, advanced marine guide)
2. Structures (LINK)(Command Chair "CC", infantry portal "IP", Armory "A", Arms Lab "ALab", Observatory "Obs", Phase Gate "PG", Prototype Lab "Proto", Turret Factory "TF", Turret, Siege Cannon)
3. Weapons & Equipment (LINK)
slot1 (light machine gun "LMG", Shotgun "SG", Heavy Machine Gun "HMG", Grenade Launcher "GL")
slot2 (pistol)
slot3 (knife)
slot4 (Welder)
slot5 (Mines, Hand Grendades "nades")
Pickup (medical packs "meds", Ammo Packs "ammo", Catalyst Pack "cat packs")
Wear (Jet Packs "JPs", Heavy Armor Suit "HA")
4. Upgrades (LINK)
5. Tactical Movements (group movement, checking corners, ambushing, blocking exits, Double Jumping, wall strafing, wiggle walking, moving/jumping while shooting, staying completely silent, baiting and being the bait)
6. Pistol and other Scripting Options
7. Default & Custom Keyboard Binds (slot menus 1-5, minimap "c", +popupmenu "mouse2", request medpack/ammo, Build/Use Key "E", Reload Ammo "R", +jump "space" & "mwheel down", walk "shift", quickswitch "q")
8. HUD Layout (LINK)(where things are on the screen)

Alien Guides:
1. Tactical Objectives (basic strategies, points of awareness, and gameplay)
2. Hives & Structures (LINK) (benefits/uses and limitations, how to choose)
3. Upgrades/Evolutions (LINK)
4. Lifeforms (LINK) (How To: skulk, lerk, fade, onos, gorge)
5. Tactical Movements (Bunny Hopping, strafe biting, ambushing, staying completely silent, grouping up, drawing fire for teammates)
6. Custom Keyboard Binds (slot menus. +movement "mouse2", +popupmenu, +jump "space" & "mwheel down", walk "shift", quickswitch "q")
7. HUD Layout (LINK) (where things are on the screen)

Commander Guides:
1. Agamemnon's
2. Macpersi's (LINK)
3. Azor's (LINK)
4. Schuster's (LINK)
5. Kevlar_Gorilla's (LINK)
6. Default & Custom Keyboard Binds (slot menus assignments , build shortcuts, requests shortcuts)
7. HUD Layout (LINK) (where things are on the screen)

General Game Settings:
1. User Options (game options, gameconsole, config.cfg file, and userconfig.cfg file
2. Video Card settings (vertical sync off for Nvidia or ATI cards)
3. Sound Settings (listening with a headset, cl_musicenabled 0, ambiance noises turned off or replaced with blank sound files, stopsound)
4. Mouse Settings (adjusting sensitivity/pointer speed, pointer acceleration off)
5. Gamma/Brightness Settings (cl_gammaramp 0 to fix dark commander menu and TAB menu on 64bit Operating Systems, gamma 3, lightgamma 0, Gamma Panel[/size] can adjust video card gamma settings to have a brighter screen)
6. Rates and FPS settings (LINK) (rate 20000 to 30000, cl_cmdrate 51 or 101, cl_update rate 51 or 101, fps_max 125, developer 1, net_graph 3 to display loss/choke. Both of these should display "0" to confirm that rate settings are acceptable)

League and Organized Play:
1. European Natural Selection League (ENSL) (play in "gathers", 6 vs. 6 games with organized teams and strategies.
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Re: NS Guides - compilation
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2012, 01:56:01 AM »
I hope you don't mine me posting this, but someone was asking earlier about guides and it made me think of these. Idk if you would find these of any use to put into your compilation, but here they are: (Command guide) (Command tips) (Fade guide) (Command guide) (Command guide regarding specifically how to locate the starting hive)
Waypoints apparantly make all the difference when it comes to winning or losing the game. Screw the minimap and voice communication. 5 kills and 25 deaths for the marines? Must be due to lack of waypoints.